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papersNewspapers summer 1830

The fountains are numerous, and the waters are uncommonly cold, clear and palatable…The effects of these waters have been fairly tested, and experience has proved them of great service in all eruptions of the skin or other cutaneous diseases, dyspepsia, or indigestion, headache, liver complaint, diseases of the eyes, gravel and many other chronic and acute diseases…

Every exertion shall be used to afford pleasure and comfort to visitors, the invalid shall have unvaried and constant attention, while the gay, the grave and the fashionable shall meet with a hearty welcome. 

Excerpt from Wynnewood’s 1900 Booklet

These are very fine magnesian, saline calsic, sulphur waters. They have a very pleasant taste and their excellence is enhanced by the absence of alkaline sulphides.
From the above analysis will be seen that these waters are excellent for any disease of the kidneys, stomach and liver. And they are an excellent blood purifier. And on these depend the whole human system; if your liver, kidneys, and blood are right you will not be sick; and if you are sick, you have only to use the remedy that will correct these organs and conditions



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